Survey: Cruise passengers are very satisfied with Tallinn

96% of the travelers who participated in the survey that was conducted last summer said that the visit to Tallinn has met or exceeded their expectations. On a five-grade scale, cruise tourists gave Tallinn 4.18, which is notably higher than the European average of 3.72.

According to the survey also the tourists have confirmed that they are truly impressed with Tallinn as a destination.

The survey was ordered by Cruise Baltic,the association of cruise ports and destination of the Baltic Sea. Tallinn has been given grades above the European average in all ten categories that were to be evaluated. For instance, 90% of ca. 3000 respondents told that they are extremely or very satisfied with friendliness of the residents and courtesy of the employees of Tallinn’s shops.

Along with satisfaction with service in stores and attitude of the locals, the tourists were also evaluating the initial shore-side welcome, guided tours, historical sites and museums, variety of things to see and do, overall shopping experience, overall prices, local transportation and overall visit.