Kadriorg Park Birthday – 296 Years

Kadriorg Park will be celebrating its 296th birthday on Tuesday, 22 July 2014.

The Kadriorg Park Birthday celebration will include interesting events, concerts, and park tours. One of the main events will be a circus show including a special circus workshop for children.

Kadriorg Park & Palace Kadriorg Palace great hall Kadriorg Park & Swan Pond KUMU Art Museum

In the evening a special fashion show will take place in the Flower Garden. The fashion show is a unique blend of fashion and music that everyone can enjoy.


Finally, the museums will all be open and tickets will be discounted for the day.

Russian Czar Peter the Great commissioned the park and it was the home of summer estates of the nobles in Estonia at the time. Nowadays the residence of the Estonian president and several foreign embassies are located in Kadriorg.

Kadriorg Park is one of the most popular attractions as part of our Tallinn tours.