Beat the Heat at Moe 1886 Icebar

The new Moe 1886 Icebar opened this month and is one of the best places in Tallinn to cool off from the hot summer heat.

photos courtesy of Moe 1886 Icebar Facebook page

Moe 1886 Icebar in Tallinn Estonia Moe 1886 Icebar in Tallinn Moe 1886 Vodka in Tallinn Moe 1886 Icebar in Tallinn

The bar is made of 18.86 tons of ice and keeps a constant temperature of -6 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Thermal coats are given to visitors to keep them warm in the chilly bar area.

The best drink to try is the Moe Vodka 1886 which is served in a frosted ice glass. Moe Vodka 1886 is the only vodka produced in Estonia and was founded by Estonian pharmacist Jakob Kurberg in 1887. This is a great souvenir to buy on your Tallinn tour.