Tallinn Through the Eyes of the Traveler

Travel blogger Andrea has written a fantastic article about exploring Tallinn and why the city and the people are so charming.

The photos are professional and readers get a great overview of how to spend your time, where to stay, and where to eat.

One place not mentioned in the article which is really worth a visit is Kiek in de Kök & Bastion Tunnels. Kiek in de Kök is the old medieval tower defense that is a great photo stop destination. The Bastion Tunnels are the secret medieval tunnels under Tallinn which have been used throughout history. You have to book a tour of the tunnels in advance but it is one of the best attractions in Tallinn, especially if you enjoy the medieval aspect of the city.

Entrance to Bastion Passages  Guard in Bastion passages Tallinn Tours - Old Town & Secret Bastion Underground Passages Excursion Exhibition in Bastion Passages

Next time we hope Andrea will choose one of our famous private Tallinn tours to receive a richer tour experience in the capital of Estonia.

Read Andrea’s article with professional photos here