Our Private Tours & Shore Excursions expanded to Scandinavia

Estonian Experience- Private Tours & Shore Excursions have expanded to Scandinavian ports of call under a new brand Nordic Experience.

Our passionate story of love for hosting, entertaining and bringing out the best in each of Baltic Sea destinations is well older then the Nordic Experience brand we are proud to introduce today.

Keeping the same old values of personal, custom-tailored tours lead by our handpicked team of witty and wonderful guides, Estonian Experience has simply outgrown it´s name given 7 years ago. We have now applied the same criteria for tours with passion we were successful with in Tallinn and around the Baltic Sea ports onto a new platform.

Our dedication to striving for highest quality in every tour we organize has however not changed. Behind the new name, Nordic Experience, you will find the same small team of tourism professionalswith a long personal experience in guiding and tour operations.

We are able to guarantee the time of your life on our tours from Tallinn to Copenhagen and in between, as all our guides share common values and an understanding for a memorable experience on a private guided tour. Through the past years we have built a dedicated network of guides in each destination with one goal in mind- inspirational tours led by intelligent, entertaining and accommodating tour guides.

In doing just that, we have now reached our ideal combination of including only the services and visits into our itineraries we feel reflect our standards the best.That allows us to work directly with every guest and guide, matching the guide to suit the guest and itineraries to match the guests requirements and interests.

We like to be close to our guests, so you can expect us out and about on the pier during a busy cruise morning, personally guiding tours, because we cannot live without it and at times joining in on a tour for quality purposes at any Baltic Sea cruise port we call a home of Nordic Experience.

Can´t wait for the next time we meet on Nordic Experience tours in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm or Helsinki!

Till then, have a healthy and happy 2015 filled with new experiences, people and places!


Eva-Maria Egipt-Peenmaa

Managing Director