A few tips for a successful Baltic Sea cruise – by Estonian Experience team at the Baltics

A few tips for a successful Baltic Sea cruise – by Estonian Experience well-wishing team at the Baltics

Our small team delights in introducing you to the very best of each Baltic Sea port though our unique family of passionate guides and personalized approach. We are excited to show off our knowledge in an entertaining way hoping to make your touring experience with us a memorable one.

Here are a few tips how you can take the most out of your first Baltic cruise getting acquainted to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki with a little pre-cruise advice from us.

Make your shore excursion fit you, not the other way around

Whether you are a DIY explorer, delight in hassle-free discoveries on a customized private tour or fall somewhere in-between with your own personal needs and requirements, make sure you choose the services most suitable for you. Families with young children often feel relaxed and can enjoy themselves in the comfort of a private tour, being flexible on itinerary and pace. Others with special interests would again revel in taking a tour off the beaten path to their passion, be it religion, arts or nature. And if you have never been to the Baltics, the best way to cross it off your bucket list is to experience the must-see attractions using the know-how of a local tour operator.

Smart Shoes & layered clothing

Pick your battles, trying to out your new pair of shoes isn´t one of the things you should be doing on your Baltic cruise. Whatever the port, from Tallinn to Stockholm, you are likely to be doing a lot of walking on cobbled streets, make sure you and your family packs comfortable footwear.

Layered clothing is the best way to make sure you are prepared for the unpredictable weather conditions of the Nordic summer. An insightful Estonian proverb says: “Eyes of summer, teeth of winter.” By extension it means that no matter how beautiful and warmly enticing the weather might appear, you can’t trust it. So please make sure you have something with you for both puddle walks and strolls in the baking sun.

Carpe diem! 

Most of all, enjoy yourself and the city you are in by taking in the local delights, sights and the infectious spirit of passion for their town by Estonian Experience tour guides on a once-in-a-lifetime experience in and around the Baltic Sea.