Perfect Day Trip to Admire The Autumn Foliage in Estonias First Farm Winehouse

Estonia’s first farm Winehouse invites you to visit 100-year old tales and legends on the magical Muhu Island!

History offers us many surprises. Who could have expected that Nordic Estonia with its cool climate could be thought of as a successful wine country already in the 1930s – as a place that created and developed local wine culture and offered rich taste sensations to even the more discerning client? Many might also be surprised to hear that Toompea was back then home to one of the biggest wineries in Estonia the importance of which is difficult to understate in developing the local beverage culture.

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This is the tale of Luscher and Matiesen – two seminal merchants who’s role model has inspired us today, almost a century later, to revive the Luscher & Matiesen brand and bring it to you.

Muhu Winehouse is open on weekends only in September 2015 and will be closed for winter from October 2015.

Combine with a fulfilling day trip of Muhu & Saaremaa Islands this autumn or come and discover our tours and day trips in 2016 on