MyTallinn – Otto Kubo knows everything about the legendary marzipan of Tallinn

A legendary gentleman with a legendary product from Tallinn, Estonia- Marzipan.

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MyTallinn – Otto Kubo knows everything about the legendary marzipan of Tallinn

Marzipan- cure for broken hearts

Marzipan, a delicacy made mostly out of ground almonds and powdered sugar, was initially known in medieval Tallinn as medicine to cure broken hearts . Today, this almond paste is still manufactured in the old town as it was done centuries ago.

Among other substances with healing powers, marzipan was initially produced in pharmacies. To be more exact – in the oldest continuously operating pharmacy in EuropeTallinn Town Hall Pharmacy, which was first mentioned in written sources already in 1422.

What is Marzipan?

During the times of the guilds of the Hanseatic period, marzipan was made by sugar bakers, who since the 18th century are known as confectioners. One of them, Lorenz Cavietzel, a confectioner of the III Guild, who was of Swiss origin recorded his name in the history by buying the building, which today is the very popular Maiasmokk Cafe ( since 1864) on Pikk street of the old town of Tallinn at the beginning of the 19th century and started making marzipan, among other things.

Georg Stude’s marzipan and chocolate industry, which was established in the same location during the second half of the 19th century, gained even more popularity. The exclusive marzipan products made there were well-known also in the court of the Russian czar in St. Petersburg.

The very same marzipan moulds and handicraft methods from the Stude business of the 19th century are still used for making marzipan figurines in the Maiasmokk cafe of today, which is located in the historical location of the Stude business. The figurines are moulded by hand and later painted by brush and food colours. This adds a piece of the soul of the artist to each figurine and thereby makes it unique.

The fine art of marzipan painting can be seen at the Maiasmokk cafe, where the legendary researcher for the confectionery manufacturer “Kalev”, Otto Kubo has worked surrounded by sweets for 60 years.

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 Ancient Estonian drug store offers cure for broken hearts and unicorn powder 


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