MyTallinn Series by Tourism Tallinn Discovers The Secrets Of a 600-Year-Old Pharmacy

Tallinn Town Hall Pharmacy is a cherry on the cake of medieval legends and tales still detectable in the the atmosphere of Tallinn old town.

Read the 600-year-old tricks of the trade below in the article by MyTallinn Series by Tourism Tallinn or come and visit one of the oldest pharmacies around in person on our Tallinn Tours.

There are some medieval secrets that cannot be written down and are only shared by your private tour guide while in town.

MyTallinn – Town Hall Pharmacy is full of exciting stories


Read more here: History of Tallinn Town Hall Pharmacy 

The Raeapteek is the oldest pharmacy in Europe that has continuously been in business in the same building. The exact opening date is not known, but it becomes evident from the documents of the town council of Tallinn that in 1422 the pharmacy already had its third owner…

In a Medieval pharmacy you usually see a stuffed crocodile, lizard or a strange fish hanging below the ceiling, to emphasize the mystery of the work of pharmacists.


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