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Our passionate, hard-working and enthusiastic team of tourism professionals at the Baltic Sea is looking for an equally brilliant Summer Cruise Port Assistant for the period of May to mid-Sept 2015 in Copenhagen and Tallinn. You are a suitable candidate, if you have an excellent command of the English language, consider yourself an outgoing person with friendly manners, approach people around you with empathy and a great sense of humor through demanding situations encountered. You are required to: - Assist arriving / departing guests in cruise harbor/ hotel - Collect customer feedback forms and report accordingly - Participate in daily customer service activities in cruise port We offer a part-time (8-10 days per month/30-40 hours) position in Copenhagen and a full-time position in Tallinn with adequate training. Period mid-May to mid-September 2015. For more information, please contact: evamaria@estonianexperience.com +372 5346 4060

A few tips for a successful Baltic Sea cruise – by Estonia...

A few tips for a successful Baltic Sea cruise – by Estonian Experience well-wishing team at the Baltics Our small team delights in introducing you to the very best of each Baltic Sea port though our unique family of passionate guides and personalized approach. We are excited to show off our knowledge in an entertaining way hoping to make your touring experience with us a memorable one. Here are a few tips how you can take the most out of your first Baltic cruise getting acquainted to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki with a little pre-cruise advice from us. Make your shore excursion fit you, not the other way around Whether you are a DIY explorer, delight in hassle-free discoveries on a customized private tour or fall somewhere in-between with your own personal needs and requirements, make sure you choose the services most suitable for you. Families with young children often feel relaxed and can enjoy themselves in the comfort of a private tour, being flexible on itinerary and pace. Others with special interests would again revel in taking a tour off the beaten path to their passion, be it religion, arts or nature. And if you have never been to the Baltics, the best way to cross it off your bucket list is to experience the must-see attractions using the know-how of a local tour operator. Smart Shoes & layered clothing Pick your battles, trying to out your new pair of shoes isn´t one of the things you should be doing on your Baltic cruise. Whatever the port, from Tallinn to Stockholm, you are likely to be doing a lot of walking on cobbled streets, make sure you and your family packs comfortable footwear. Layered clothing is the best way to make sure you are prepared for the unpredictable weather conditions of the Nordic summer. An insightful Estonian proverb says: “Eyes of summer, teeth of winter.” By extension it means that no matter how beautiful and warmly enticing the weather might appear, you can’t trust it. So please make sure you have something with you for both puddle walks and strolls in the baking sun. Carpe diem!  Most of all, enjoy yourself and the city you are in by taking in the local delights, sights and the infectious spirit of passion for their town by Estonian Experience tour guides on a once-in-a-lifetime experience in and around the Baltic Sea.

Our Private Tours & Shore Excursions expanded to Scandinavia

Estonian Experience- Private Tours & Shore Excursions have expanded to Scandinavian ports of call under a new brand Nordic Experience. Our passionate story of love for hosting, entertaining and bringing out the best in each of Baltic Sea destinations is well older then the Nordic Experience brand we are proud to introduce today. Keeping the same old values of personal, custom-tailored tours lead by our handpicked team of witty and wonderful guides, Estonian Experience has simply outgrown it´s name given 7 years ago. We have now applied the same criteria for tours with passion we were successful with in Tallinn and around the Baltic Sea ports onto a new platform. Our dedication to striving for highest quality in every tour we organize has however not changed. Behind the new name, Nordic Experience, you will find the same small team of tourism professionalswith a long personal experience in guiding and tour operations. We are able to guarantee the time of your life on our tours from Tallinn to Copenhagen and in between, as all our guides share common values and an understanding for a memorable experience on a private guided tour. Through the past years we have built a dedicated network of guides in each destination with one goal in mind- inspirational tours led by intelligent, entertaining and accommodating tour guides. In doing just that, we have now reached our ideal combination of including only the services and visits into our itineraries we feel reflect our standards the best.That allows us to work directly with every guest and guide, matching the guide to suit the guest and itineraries to match the guests requirements and interests. We like to be close to our guests, so you can expect us out and about on the pier during a busy cruise morning, personally guiding tours, because we cannot live without it and at times joining in on a tour for quality purposes at any Baltic Sea cruise port we call a home of Nordic Experience. Can´t wait for the next time we meet on Nordic Experience tours in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm or Helsinki! Till then, have a healthy and happy 2015 filled with new experiences, people and places!   Eva-Maria Egipt-Peenmaa Managing Director

Did you know? Interesting facts about Tallinn, Estonia!

According to the WHO survey on air quality conducted in 2011, Estonia´s air is the cleanest in the world. Almost 50% of Estonia is covered by forest. As of 1st of April 2013, the number public wireless Internet or Wi-Fi hotspots in Estonia was nearly 1200. The Skype software was created by Estonians. The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence is located in Tallinn In 2013, 99 % of the bank transfers were performed electronically and 95 % of the income tax declarations were submitted through the e-Tax Board. Average temperature in July +17.9 °C (2011) Average temperature in February –2.7 °C Estonia has the highest number of meteorite craters per land area in the world. Highest point in Estonia, the „ Big Egg Mountain “reaches only 318 m above the sea level. Most popular souvenirs to take home with you are juniper tree wooden utensils, traditional linen items and delicious marzipan with healing powers. Estonian have the biggest collection of folk songs in the world with written records of 133,000 folk songs. Estonian Arvo Pärt is the most performed contemporary composer in the world. Estonians traditionally eat blood sausages on Christmas Eve. The Estonian´s sense of humor is often hard to figure out being close to the British An average Estonian loves nature activities, theater and reading during their spare time Once every five years the Estonians gather for a weekend in Tallinn for an emotional manifest of pride for their country through singing and dancing during the wonderful Song and Dance Festival. For more information on Estonian Experience Tallinn Tours & Shore Excursions see: www.estonianexperience.com