Off-road GPS Orienteering Safari

Come and test your driving skills in the wild! Your objective is to find as many checkpoints within 3 hours as possible. 

However, orienteering with the former Soviet off-road vehicles is a challenge even with the help of GPS. The track with its challenging terrain ensures an exciting ride.

Enjoy a great day outdoors with your friends with this team based fun activity. Whether off-road driving and navigating is something you love or something that you have always wanted to try, this 3 hour safari is a great experience and also represents good entertainment value.

Our off-road orienteering safari is designed to put your driving, navigating and strategic thinking skills to the test. Each team vehicle can accommodate 5 people and you can switch drivers, navigators and strategists as often as you wish. Each team player has an important role to play in choosing the best starting point and route so that your team can get to as many of the 80 checkpoint locations as possible within the allotted course time and outwit the other teams. Each checkpoint is identified with a checkpoint number and a code number which must be recorded in order to validate that your team has reached that particular checkpoint.

The starting times for each team vehicle are staggered at 5 minute intervals and each team has exactly 3 hours from their starting time to complete the circuit. It is important that your team is not late as there is a point penalty for each 5 minutes that the allotted course time is exceeded. The landscape is varied and the terrain is challenging enough to offer you an exciting time while you compete to complete the course in a Soviet off-road vehicle previously used by the Finnish defense force.

By the end of the day there is also the satisfaction that comes from good teamwork with your friends.

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