Tallinn Old Town Walking Tour & Open Air Museum Visit

Experience the charming medley of true Estonian countryside farms in a seaside open-air museum complete with an old town walking tour.

The Open Air Museum at Rocca al Mare resembles a village with 12 well presented farm complexes, a church, a local tavern, school, windmills and a village swing. The museum is located in a lovely well-maintained forest park overlooking the seaside.

Our private guided tour will bring you closer to the ancient roots of the Estonians, their understanding of life and folk traditions. The authentic feeling of old times will increase with every step of the tour. Each dwelling and building here is a real treasure–all the houses are carefully deconstructed and delivered from all over Estonia to the museum, where they have been rebuilt again. You will also hear a few wonderful folk tales, which in modern times are
part of children’s folklore, but once functioned in the traditional local society mostly
as entertainment for adults.

For example, according to Estonian folklore tales, it was important to get along well with the spirit of the house, a protective spirit was believed to dwell in every building. Therefore food and beer was sacrificed to this creature ensuring the family of the farm fared well.

After the walk through the park, the local tavern called Kolu Inn will provide us with home made scone bread and coffee for nourishment. For a small fee, villagers can give you a lift on their horse carriage or sleigh.

After a relaxed visit to the Open Air Museum we will discover the Old World charm and elegance on a medieval Old Town walking tour. The atmosphere in this Baltic pearl is authentic and enjoyable exploring the cobbled streets of both upper and lower old town.
We will revel in the panoramic views from the upper town viewpoints, see the House of Parliament, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Lutheran Dome Church. The winding streets of Long Leg and Short Leg lead us to the sailors patron St. Nicholas Church and to the heart of the town for many centuries- the Town Hall & Town Hall Square. Surrounding this inviting scene of outdoor cafes are the quaint passageways with a striking name of St. Catherine´s and Bun. One of the oldest pharmacies in Europe graces the corner of Town Hall square leading us to the colorful townhouses on the Old Market Square.

The tour comes to an end with a return transfer to the cruise port.

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