Gdansk Tours

The city of Gdansk located in the Tri-City area of Northern Poland, between nearby towns of Sopot and Gdynia, has an immense amount of character and soul. This is a medieval merchant town with an unusually bewildering history that has shaped this immaculately renovated Hanseatic town into a Polish treasure full of tragedy and treasures.
From grandiose manor houses, organ concerts in Gothic churches and thought provoking visit to Stutthof concentration camp, Gdansk is more then just another stunning Baltic Sea pearl. Gdansk has true quality and substance leaving a lasting impression to all of its visitors!



  • Elena / January 2016Tour: Stutthof Concentration Camp & Gdansk Highlights Tour

    We have toured with Estonian Experience before, so when they started offering a new destination we immediately decided to try it out and booked a tour with them. Well, I am glad we did because it's only on a private tour that you can see and experience THAT much! We had ... Read full story our private van and private guide for 2 days, with all admissions pre-arranged, and lunch was also included on one of the days in Malbork castle to make the experience faster. I really enjoyed our guide's company who was fun and energetic, eager to share the love for her city with us, tourists, and telling lots of interesting stories to keep us entertained. The driver was always on time and the bus provided was very comfortable. Apart from Malbork castle we also saw Stutthof concentration camp, did a panoramic city tour and toured the Old Town and explored Amber Museum. The guide pointed out various places for our self-exploration, too, so we always had something to do.

  • Kirill / January 2016Tour: Gdansk Highlights & Historic Old Town Tour

    To tell you the truth, I didn't expect Gdansk to be so interesting destination. We have used Estonian Experience many times and I couldn't be more happier with all the tours they organized for us. It's one of the most professional companies I have ever used in my entire life ... Read full story and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to see and experience Baltic countries.